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Although much in the music industry is unpredictable and difficult in this moment, we know that there are many ways of using this time to skill share, develop your abilities and build your networks; we are looking to commission a number of articles by experienced and novice writers to inspire and assist those aged 18 - 30 in the music industry do just that.

Having produced more than 40 events and recently started virtual networking meet-ups for a wide group of individuals working in all areas of the music industry, Young Guns Network is the community for young professionals in music.

It's clear from this collective, those at the early stage of their music career, have been hit hard by current events - as have the freelancers in our network. Whether just about to start their first jobs at festivals, management companies and labels or having had freelance work cancelled indefinitely, we want to support this group as much as we can - giving people paid work - and hope.


In collaboration with London In Stereo and with generous support from partners including Small Green Shoots, Association of Independent Music (AIM), The Musicians’ Union (MU) and Youth Music we’re going to fund the writing of upwards of 18 articles by both experienced and novice writers, on topics that will serve those looking to develop careers in music and as independent artists.


Fee: £200

Length: 1000 - 2000 words

Focus: To inspire, educate and interest young people aged 18-30 in music (whether as creators, freelancers, employed or seeking a job) suitable to be published online by our partners i.e.

  • Having positivity and purpose in your career search.

  • How to upskill/keep skills up to date (artists or business) including skills relevant in lockdown.

  • Succeed at self-employment and entrepreneurship.

  • Interviews with industry experts (we can help with introductions to interviewees via our partners e.g. business leaders, artists and organisations).

  • Relevant topical ‘thought pieces’.

Examples of similar pieces:

Send your pitch to by Friday 22nd May and include the following:

  • A draft title (can be refined later, to give us an idea of the focus of your piece)

  • Maximum 100 word pitch (give us an outline of the main points of your piece and the overall conclusion)

  • Contact number

  • Full Name


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