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Goal Setting for Your 2021 Music Industry Career

We're excited to kick off the year with the workshop,

Goal Setting for Your 2021 Music Industry Career, No Matter How Uncertain the Times

January is a great time to assess what we want to achieve in a year, and whilst times are uncertain at the moment, it's a great time to hone in and focus. We are welcoming back Tamara Gal-On, who ran an incredibly empowering workshop on 'using your intuition' for us last year. Join us as she delves into Goal Setting for the year ahead, how do we goal set when we're feeling nervous, anxious and uncertain?

This workshop will be followed by some virtual networking!

Click here for your free ticket!

Career Longevity is not something often associated with the music industry. Yet Tamara works with creatives and others in the industry to achieve exactly that. She helps them get paid well do their ideal, authentic work on projects that achieve the impact they really want. Tamara provides resilience strategies and tools to conquer the very real challenges of music industry life and to keep connected to the joy and dreams that drew people to the industry in the first place.

Tamara has been working with the music industry since her first project for the Music Publishers Association 12 years ago. Since then she has worked with Warner Chappell, the PRS Fund, PRS Foundation including working as part of their Keychange project), Nordic Music Export, Iceland Airwaves Festival, Tallinn Music Week among others. Tamara works with indie artists and managers as well as executives and freelancers from across the wider music industry.

This event is supported by Youth Music & People's Postcode Lottery


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