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The Power of Intuition

On Wednesday the 3rd of June, our YGN Community gathered yet again ‘virtually’ for another exciting event - The Power of Intuition. Our guest speaker was Tamara Gal-on, music industry coach and speaker, and a long-time friend of YGN.

Tamara started the session by explaining what intuition was. It might be quite difficult to put your finger on it but Tamara described it as "a sense of connection that is not an absolute coincidence." She also mentioned that intuition is strongly aligned with a sense of creativity, something that is often felt very bodily, not with rational logical thinking - something like a muse that artists often talk about!

Right after we had our first poll. The participants were asked how often, or if at all, they engage with their intuition. Around 50% of the participants agreed that they do engage with their intuition on a regular basis. So that was a good start!

The main reason why Tamara was our guest speaker in this session was to get her insights into how we can use our intuition out there in the real world - either getting a job or applying ourselves in our careers & taking actions.

Some of her very interesting insights included:

  • Music industry is fast paced and always changing so your own intuition can be a great guide & tool to use in uncertain times.

  • Tamara shared that "intuition is always positive, future focused, it wants you to do well." This is one of the ways you can distinguish intuition from anxiety, fear or any of other ways you tell yourself NOT to do something.

  • When it comes to networking, look around the room and think/feel - "who is my person in this room?". There might be someone in the room or there might be no one. If possible, go ahead and start a conversation with that person. If you are unsure what to talk about - intuition is your friend in this case too!

Our second poll was about how often our participants take actions based on what the intuition tells them? Over three quarters (86%) responded with "Sometimes, it can be confusing working out what steps to take to follow it's guidance". This was definitely an interesting result - especially as no-one agreed that they use their intuition most of the time.

This made for a fitting transition into the last part of the session that was about how to take action based on what your intuition tells you. Tamara shared various useful tips and tricks on how to start testing out your intuition and trust yourself to take more actions.

Right after that we broke out into smaller sessions to do some virtual networking. As this was a smaller session, our participants got the opportunity to share their personal experiences with intuition and how they may have already used it in their careers.

This event was a great addition to our series of events and we are so grateful that Tamara was able to join us - she is a truly engaging and knowledgeable speaker. If you'd like to know more about her check out her website here:

Written by Ivana Karabova


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