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YGN X BIMM Present: Networking Smarter - How to grow your music career through strategic networking.

On Wednesday 7th November YGN and BIMM present a seminar and networking event called Networking Smarter.

We talk a lot at YGN about the importance of networking to find jobs, move jobs and grow your business. In fact, ’go network' is probably the most frequently given advice by our guest speakers. So we thought it would be good to hold an event about HOW to network effectively and strategically. In our opinion it's not about working the room like a hollywood star, or a competition to see who can collect the most business cards. So how can young music professionals decide what they want from networking, and go about getting it. Our experts will share their tips on how to network your way into a job, what you should be doing to network well online and surprising ways that networking can help you achieve your goals.

Subscribers to YGN's mailing list, members of our partner the Musicians Union or Students or Graduates of our partner BIMM are all able to access tickets for £5. If you want to sign up to our mailing list to access your discount please click here: SIGN UP HERE.

And those all important event tickets are onsale here: GET TICKETS HERE.


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