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We are looking for five dynamic and enthusiastic 18-25 year olds to form a team that will work together on an artist release through AWAL. Each person will take up a separate paid freelance role (detailed below) in the team in order to develop the artists’ vision and ensure the release plan is adhered to. You will receive mentoring from AWAL staff, training specific to your role where needed, and networking opportunities throughout the project.

For all positions you need to be able to:

  • Be between 18-25 years old on Jan 25th 2021

  • Work remotely (open to candidates throughout the UK)

  • Commit to a 5 month project (Jan - May)

  • Work roughly one day a week (8 hours throughout the week)

  • Be able to handle fast paced work environment and stick to deadlines

  • Good time management

  • Self-motivated and reliable

  • Collaborative and work well in a team

The following roles are available:


Marketing Lead

This role will be focused on marketing strategy for the artist and release, helping the artist communicate their vision and overall aesthetic. You will work closely with the project coordinator to create timelines that fit with the rest of the project and make plans for asset delivery.

  • Overall strategy

  • Narrative and storytelling

  • Create marketing timeline

  • Curating the vision - core concepts 

  • Pulls together all strands of marketing to ensure they relate to a single vision


Promotions Lead

This role will be focused on promoting the artists release to professional outlets like Spotify, Radio One, Apple Music etc. You will need to write pitches and use analytical tools provided to spot opportunities for promotion.

  • Pitching to media (Radio & TV)

  • Pitching to digital service providers (Spotify, Apple Music etc)

  • Filling in pitch forms / writing pitches

  • Checking analytics

  • Updating and reporting on performance


Audience Development Lead

The Audience Development role is all about social media and presenting the artist effectively to the public, working with marketing to create an effective strategy for the release across all social media channels. You’ll need to draft social media copy, brief the creative team on assets and generally look after social channels.

  • Social channel management

  • Digital advertising

  • Social Media planning


Creative Lead

For the Creative Role you will need to bring the artists vision to life, creating assets for the marketing and social media team. You will also need to have a strong idea of the artist's branding to ensure it's consistent throughout the campaign. For creative elements such as photoshoots and videos you will need to create briefs and book other creatives (eg. directors/photographers) when necessary.

  • Creating the assets needed for the campaign

  • Getting press shots done

  • Video brief

  • Concepts and imagery

  • Sourcing photographers and makeup artists for photoshoots

PLEASE NOTE: For the creative role, you need some previous experience of using design tools and software eg. Photoshop, InDesign, Canva


Project Coordinator

This role will be overseeing all other elements of the project, being the main contact between the general team and the artist/artist manager. It’s important that this person is able to communicate all needs clearly, get sign offs, ensure the project is running on time. You will also need to assist other roles with any additional work.

  • General management

  • Communicating with Artist

  • Making sure keeping to timeline

  • Getting sign offs

It is not necessary to have any previous professional experience in music to apply for any of these roles. You will be required to take part in meetings via Zoom and will need internet access and a computer, you will also be invited to travel to London if possible during the project. YGN can provide support with the costs of these requirements so that you can access this opportunity.


Payment will be £100 a day

This is a freelance position that will run from Jan 25th - May 15th


Applications Close Jan 4th at midnight. Please note you can apply by video by uploading your recorded video to youtube as an unlisted video and including the link on your application form where directed. For any assistance with applications please email

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